We are in a unique time experiencing a pandemic that is effecting business as usually. Time to do some divergent thinking ! 

Wix Guy is here to help. Now first we should talk about opportunities this is providing your business, while folks sit at home quarantined they will be using the internet for a variety of things including shopping, researching, and just being plain bored.


That being said this is the time for your business to offer more via the internet. If you are a restaurant, you can add online ordering with delivery, Hotels can offer discounts on future reservations or create a hub for guests to gather.


Any business can offer discounted gift cards that can bring in revenue now and be used when the virus has slowed down. If your website can't do these things you need to get a hold of me as soon as possible as my calendar is getting full but I want to make sure every client can get Coronavirus prepared.    Book your time to upgrade your site @   See more from ----> MORE INFO


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